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Well Fargo mortgage putting homeowners into forbearance plan without their consent

| Jul 20, 2020 | Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Firm News, Mortgage Relief

A recent article pointed out a disturbing trend, whereby Wells Fargo Mortgage has told homeowners, who are in a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, that they are in a forbearance plan. This has happened to several homeowners, none of whom had requested it, even though Wells Fargo claimed that the homeowner requested it.

The CARES Act, which Congress passed in March in response to the Trumpandemic, permits homeowners with a federally-backed mortgage to apply for forbearance. But a homeowner cannot and should not be put into forbearance unless they so request. How or why Wells Fargo has done this to several people, remains to be seen.

If Wells Fargo has done this to your mortgage, feel free to contact me.