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Navigating Child Support In Minnesota

Whether a couple is together or separated, divorced or never married, it takes vast resources to raise a child. Feeding, clothing and providing for the child’s physical and emotional needs can be a tremendous financial responsibility. Child care costs alone can rival the cost of housing in Minnesota.
When you’re navigating child support issues, the outcome can have a big impact on your overall financial picture. It’s well worth the investment to get help from a knowledgeable attorney.

Bringing A Legal And Financial Lens To Child Support Cases

If you’re seeking guidance on any aspect of child support in Minnesota, you have come to the right place. Lawyer Tim Theisen at Theisen Law can answer your questions and help you navigate child support proceedings, whether as part of a divorce, custody, paternity or standalone proceedings. He brings 30 years of experience to this nuanced area of family law.
Additionally, because he also practices bankruptcy law, Tim has an in-depth appreciation for the financial aspects of child support cases. He uses that financial background to better serve clients.

Child Support Basics In Minnesota

In most cases, child support calculations are based on the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines. Those guidelines take into account factors such as:
  • Both parents’ income
  • Your child custody arrangement (how many overnights the children spend with each parent per year)
  • The number of children you have
  • Any nonjoint children you or the other parent is responsible for supporting
  • Any special needs or medical needs of the children

After an initial child support order, circumstances can change. A modification might be appropriate due to major shifts such as:

  • Substantial changes in either parent’s income
  • Job loss
  • New illnesses or injuries

Whether you’re seeking an initial support order or pursuing or defending against a modification, you can rely on Tim for knowledgeable guidance on all aspects of your case.

Discuss Your Child Support Questions And Concerns

Find out how Tim can help you with your child support case. He’s committed to providing compassionate, attentive service, and he will put your needs first at every step of the process. To reach his office in Anoka, call 763-225-9583 or send a message online. Tim handles child support cases throughout the Twin Cities metro.