Family law /Divorce (Dissolution)

Family law consists of divorce (dissolution) and the issues that go with it, including child support (which includes medical costs and daycare reimbursement), spousal maintenance (alimony), property division and debt allocation. These issues also frequently arise in “post-decree” (i.e. post-divorce) actions, as well as in motions for modification. In addition, I have extensive experience in the area of paternity cases, which have similar issues as divorce. I am also very experienced in domestic abuse restraining order proceedings (Orders for Protection). I no longer handle cases involving contested custody.

I have extensive experience in divorce, paternity, and motion practice in Anoka, Hennepin, Sherburne, and Wright counties. My practice also frequently gets me before the judges of Ramsey, Isanti, Dakota, and Carver counties.

I represent men, as well as women, with equal vigor, and have obtained very satisfactory results for many clients. A good deal of my practice is referrals from satisfied clients. My practice is split about 50-50, representing men and women.

From 1998 through 2007 I was the newsletter editor for R-KIDS, which was a non-custodial parents’ group. I get many referrals from that organization, as well as from the Men’s Defense Association. Thus, I have special sympathies for those who can’t see their kids as much as they’d like. Nevertheless, because I have learned many tricks of the trade over the years, I can play either side of the fence equally well.

Child Support Guidelines

Since 2018, child support has been based on a formula that takes into account the percentage of parenting time awarded. In 2007, child support guidelines went into effect that changed Minnesota’s longstanding rule of just looking at the obligor’s (non-custodial parent’s) income and looking at both parents’ incomes. The effect as I have experienced it thus far is that support orders, in general, seem to be a little less under this law, although a variety of facts can certainly lead to higher awards in some cases.

To calculate support under this law, the Department of Human Services has devised a nifty child support calculator, although in certain circumstances courts will not rigidly follow the calculator.

To learn more about your rights and responsibilities or see if you are entitled to a modification of an existing order under this law, please contact me.

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