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My practice is solely limited to consumer bankruptcy and family law. By concentrating my areas of practice, I have developed the experience and expertise necessary to guide you through this difficult process and the efficiency to handle your case with minimal cost and as quickly as possible.

The Golden Rule

I try to live my life, and conduct my affairs as an attorney, treating people the way I would want to be treated, the way I would want my friends or relatives to be treated, with respect, patience, and dignity.


I I do thank you again very much for handling my case for me and being so patient with me and my being lazy and waiting until the last minute on everything. If i know of anyone in need of an honest bankruptcy attorney i will send them your way. Thank you

-CK 6.2019

I would like to say a big thank you to Theisen Law office for helping with my bankruptcy process. I am grateful that I chose your office for help.  The creditor meeting went smoothly as planned. Again thanks for all your service.

-PM 6.2014

Thank You so much, Tim. Going through our lien stripping started getting very frustrating because of the mortgage company being stubborn and uncooperative, but thanks to you know exactly what to do you got it done. You are awesome!! Thank you to both you and Amy also for answering all the questions we had during the process!!

-S.W. 12.2013

I wanted to thank you again for everything you did to help me keep the house. It never would have happened if you hadn’t helped me. I never realized how dependent you get to feel on an attorney because they are the only thing standing between you and something really bad that you don’t want to happen. I feel like you were a godsend, I appreciate so much that you were so good to me. Thanks for everything Tim. I think you are the only person besides myself that cared if I got to stay in this house. I feel so lucky to have you for my attorney. You seem like a really good person, a good man. Thanks.

-PM 12.2014