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Minnesota Unemployment Benefits for the Self-employed

| Mar 31, 2020 | Coronavirus, Firm News

Minnesota Unemployment benefits for the Self-employed

Here is an update on unemployment benefits for the self-employed in Minnesota as of Tuesday morning March 31.

The Department of Employment and Economic Development’s website still says they are awaiting guidance from the US Department of Labor as to exactly how a self-employed person will get the unemployment benefits that Congress passed on Friday.

This is on their FAQ:

Yesterday MN DEED posted a guide for self-employed workers on how to apply, which for the most part is self-explanatory, although interestingly, and probably for software reasons, they instruct a self-employed person to answer “no” when it asks if they own their business:

If you answer that question correctly, which I did while assisting a client yesterday (before they posted new instructions to answer it incorrectly), it will tell you that your benefit is zero, and if you then try to go back and edit it, you wind up in an endless loop where it keeps taking you back to the login screen.