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My driver’s license has been suspended due to a judgment. How can I get it back?

| Mar 23, 2017 | Bankruptcy, Firm News

Everybody knows that under Minnesota law, you need to have insurance on your car, and that driving without insurance can result in criminal citations. One of the remedies that not a lot of people understand, is that if you cause an accident (or even if you are the owner of a vehicle where somebody else is driving, and an accident results) and the vehicle has no insurance, the other vehicle’s car insurance will cover them, and then they will come after you. They will sue you and get a judgment, and if you don’t work out a payment plan, they can suspend your driver’s license.

You can get that suspension lifted by filing bankruptcy. As soon as you file, the Department of Motor Vehicles will verify this and with a reinstatement fee, you can get your driver’s license back right away. The underlying obligation needs to be a dischargeable obligation, and debts that were incurred while intoxicated will not get discharged. So if you were drinking and driving without insurance and got into an accident, instead of looking at bankruptcy, you should look at getting a bike and calling Uber.