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Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Continues to Defy Court Order

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2014 | Firm News

In a prior blog post, I mentioned Judge Kishel’s order shutting down bankruptcy petition preparer Ed Jonak, who does business under a variety of aliases, including Affordable Law Center, Affordable Court Services, Action Plan Rx, Christian Discount Attorney Services, and American Lawworx, Defendants Edward Jonak and 3rd Millennium Systems, Inc. He was granted permission to proceed in his appeal, which is currently under advisement by a federal judge. The judge denied his motion to continue his scheme pending the appeal, and he is still prohibited from advertising. But this bus bench in Fridley and a billboard in Elk River show he is in contempt of court.

It is possible to file bankruptcy without a lawyer, just highly inadvisable. While it’s true you can’t get something for nothing, Mr. Jonak is apparently still preying on folks who are willing to pay something to get, essentially, nothing.