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What Are The Fees For A Bankruptcy?

Costs Of Bankruptcy

My fee depends on a few things, including your marital status and whether you are self-employed, own real estate and/or are over the median income. The current court filing fee is $335 for Chapter 7 or $310 for Chapter 13, and you also need to go through two parts of credit counseling, which is approximately $33.

Affordable Payment Plan

I am one of the few lawyers who will let you stretch your payment to me out over five monthly installments, keeping in mind that I cannot bill you for normal services after Chapter 7 is filed, so if you need to do the payment plan, I will file your case when I am paid in full. For a quick, free confidential quote of my fees, complete the 60-Second Debt Analysis. Please call me at 763-225-9583 if you would like a more specific fee quote and a copy of the retainer agreement.

Chapter 13 is about $1,000 more than Chapter 7. In Chapter 13, a portion of my fees can usually be paid through your Chapter 13 plan.

Competitive Fees

My clients are price-sensitive, and my fees are competitive. I charge a flat fee with a few variations and can quote you a flat fee and send you a retainer agreement after a phone call or the completion of my 60-Second Debt Analysis. When looking for an attorney, please consider these factors above and beyond the bottom line price. These time-tested adages hold true: First, you get what you pay for, and second, a lawyer knows the value of their services. But what I can tell you is that if you can find an experienced attorney (and I would recommend you find an experienced attorney, whoever it is) with a lower price, I will usually match it upon verification. It is extremely rare that I get asked to do that.

Note: Fees are subject to change without notice. Your situation is unique. Tell me about your situation and I can provide a free quote for bankruptcy legal services.