Notice of May 12, 2020, 6 PM start time
MSBA Bankruptcy Section Consumer Subcommittee Meeting

Join us for a panel discussion with Jeffrey Bruzek, Tim Theisen, and Ron Lundquist as we discuss the following garden of sprouting Chapter 13 issues:

1. Up in Smoke: The collision between Chapter 13 and federal law regarding marijuana
2. Saving Grace: Should savings be a part of a Chapter 13 Debtor’s budget?
3. Back to School: A Review of Student Loan Issues in Chapter 13

CLE credit has been applied for.
This meeting is a Zoom meeting.

Placing Bets and Cashing Checks – How to Get Paid in a Consumer Bankruptcy Case 1.0 ethics credit applied for Much like the action at the casino, lawyers representing parties in bankruptcy is a risky proposition. The panel will discuss how attorneys representing debtors and creditors in consumer cases can seek compensation for the services the attorneys provide in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy cases. The speakers will address various issues regarding fees including the ethical dilemma of fee arrangements in bankruptcy cases, issues regarding retainer agreements, and how to apply for an award allowing compensation of fees. – Jeffrey M. Bruzek, Bradley J. Halberstadt, Timothy C. Theisen

September 15, 2015

Tim Theisen and three other veterans Minnesota practitioners will discuss how to prepare for and gain approval of bankruptcy fee applications in Chapters 7, 11 and 13. This discussion should be very insightful while earning Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) credit.


Margaret Culp, Office of Chapter 13 Trustee
Nauni Manty, Manty & Associates PA
Tim Theisen, Timothy Casey Theisen PA
Sarah Wencil

January 29-30, 2015

Join us at the 2015 New Lawyer Experience featuring 25 sessions that teach you how to really practice law. Get practical advice from experienced lawyers in your field. Attend a free lunchtime session and register to win great prizes!

At this intensive and fun 2-day event, you’ll receive expert, real-world advice from 45 top Minnesota lawyers and judges about the law, procedure, strategy and practice tips.

Tim will be on a panel discussing bankruptcy issues.

June 26, 2014

Minnesota CLE Webcast
In this presentation, two experienced attorney coaches, as well as individual and organizational clients, will describe the professional coaching process, when coaching has been used for success in law firms and companies, and how best to use to the process to enhance your own professional development and success as a lawyer.

– Roy Ginsburg: Attorney and Coach/Consultant
– Kathleen Marron, JD, PCC: The Marron Alliance
– Deborah Wood DuBois: Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.
– Tim Theisen: Attorney at Law
– Laura Borst, JD: Partner, Norton, Rose, Fulbright
– Karen Failes-Coad: Target Corporation

May 8, 2014

Anoka County Bar Association
Tim Theisen, a sole practitioner based in Anoka, MN presented on issues that arise frequently for clients facing financial distress. Mr. Theisen provided an overview of bankruptcy, current foreclosure trends, strategies for optimizing a client’s options after he or she has received a foreclosure notice, and explained what attorneys need to know if their divorce client is considering bankruptcy.

Video 1 of 2: Attorney Tim Theisen addressing the Anoka County Bar Association at a noontime continuing legal education seminar regarding basics of bankruptcy and trends, given May 8, 2014.

Video 2 of 2: Attorney Tim Theisen addresses the Anoka County Bar in a continuing legal education seminar on the topic of how to advise a person who has been served a notice of foreclosure.

A discussion of the issues that arise when your client is either about to file a personal injury action, has filed a personal injury action, or recently settled a personal injury action and is contemplating bankruptcy. The discussion will include a choice of exemption issues, timing issues, who controls pending litigation and the retention of a personal injury attorney post-bankruptcy filing
Minnesota Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) and the bankruptcy section of the Minnesota State Bar Association (“MSBA”) present, The 2014 Bankruptcy Institute.

Personal Injury Exemptions
Click to download Personal Injury Exemptions Document (portable document format .pdf, 695 kB)

  1. Prepetition Concerns
    1. Need for disclosure
    2. What is the property of the estate?
    3. Due diligence/choice of exemption/how to schedule
  2. Federal Exemptions
    1. Statutory framework
    2. Personal injury cases
    3. Worker’s compensation
    4. Lost wages/other issues
  3. Minnesota Exemptions
    1. Minnesota Statute § 550.37 (sub. 22)
    2. Structured settlements/proceeds not exempt under state law
    3. Worker’s compensation
  4. Post-Filing/Estate Administrative

The 2014 Attorney Leadership Conference provides an opportunity to learn helpful networking techniques that actually work while earning 3.0 CLE credits (2 are ethics). Identify the best ways to connect with potential clients and referral sources, maximize your networking opportunities, create more visibility for your practice, and learn how to better spend on your marketing and advertising investment.

January 14, 2013

Discussion of lien stripping of wholly unsecured mortgages in Chapter 13 cases, including a new proposed Local Rule, recent case law, proposed plan language and additional procedures related to lien stripping. In addition, the panel discussed issues involving the county recorders’ offices, e.g., recording the lien strip, requirements to effectuate removal of the lien from the real estate records, and more.

Presenters: Wayne D. Anderson, Examiner of Titles, Ramsey County
Margaret H. Culp, Office of the Chapter 13 Trustee, Minneapolis
Bradley J. Halberstadt, Stewart, Zlimen & Jungers Ltd.
Timothy C. Theisen, Timothy C. Theisen, P.A.

January 31, 2011

This seminar was reprised for live webcast twice, on January 31, 2011, and again on June 7, 2011.

October 4, 2010

Presentation at the annual Minnesota Bankruptcy Institute.
Special issues for married and divorced issues. A lively discussion of the asset, debt, income and ethical issues that arise when married, separated, or divorced debtors file bankruptcy separately or jointly, as well as selected pre- and post-divorce issues that can flare up when bankruptcy and divorce collide.

February 16, 2010

Presentation before the Minnesota State Bar Association Bankruptcy section, along with panel members Tom Johnson and Lawrence Zielke.

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