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Garnishment in Minnesota resumes

The Governor recently rescinded the Order made last May, which had precluded wage garnishment and bank levies. Garnishment of wages and levy of bank accounts may now take place in Minnesota, as long as the judgment was entered prior to May 4, 2020. The state...

Why are bankruptcy filings down in 2020? 

With record shattering unemployment due to the pandemic, a lot of people are surprised that 2020 bankruptcy filings to-date are down 30% from 2019; that figure includes commercial filings, and for individual bankruptcies, the numbers have decreased by at least 40%....

New Median Income Figures In Effect as of November 1, 2020

The Department of Justice recently did its semiannual adjustments of the  median income figures, which are effective in bankruptcy cases filed after November 1, 2020. The median income is an important figure, as debtors below that figure are almost always assured a...

Biden supports Bankruptcy Reform

A recent article in the Washington Post pointed out that Joe Biden was one of the Democrats to cross party lines and help pass the Bankruptcy Reform Act in 2005. He now regrets that, and supports Elizabeth Warren’s plan to revise the bankruptcy system. I would just...

Attorney Tim Theisen's law license

Celebrating 30 years of lawyering 

Thirty years ago yesterday, having just passed the bar (on the first try), upon motion by my Aunt Veronica, I was admitted to practice of law by the MN Supreme Court. It’s been my privilege and honor to help Minnesotans every since then.

Divorces increasing in light of COVID? 

A recent Star Tribune article indicates that divorce-related internet searches are up since COVID started in March. While it’s not based on actual filing data (and in MN, many divorces aren’t filed until well after they are served or negotiated), it seems to echo the...