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Can divorce bankrupt you?

Divorce is a process that can result in significant financial implications. This is because it isn’t just a separation of two individuals but also their assets, debts and financial responsibilities. The financial toll of divorce can be substantial, often leading to...

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What does a trustee do in a bankruptcy case?

When you file for bankruptcy, a trustee will be appointed to oversee and manage your case. Their primary role is to ensure that the bankruptcy process runs smoothly and that both you and your creditors are treated fairly. The trustee's responsibilities cover a wide...

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Payday loans are a vicious cycle

Payday loans often become a desperate consumer’s final lifeline to get by. But interest rates can actually exceed 100% per annum. A recent article discusses pending legislation in Minnesota to cap interest rates at “only” 36%. My experience is that payday lenders are...

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Credit bureaus reduce medical debt reporting

A recent article indicated that there has been an 18% decrease in the amount of medical debts that are being reported on credit bureaus. This is due in part to new policies whereby medical debts under $500 are no longer being reported to the credit bureaus, nor are...

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