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Should you file for bankruptcy? Complete our 60 second analysis. Receive a confidential quote for legal services. Filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult decision and a complex process. We’re ready to help! We have over 30 years of bankruptcy experience. Our services are tailored to your situation and provide affordable, courteous and individual attention …  VIEW FULL POST

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Have a bankruptcy question? Right this way for answers to frequently asked questions, including: I’m facing foreclosure, what should I do? Divorce or bankruptcy, what should I do first? I’ve been served a summons, what should I do? What are the fees for bankruptcy?    VIEW FULL POST


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Avvo Legal Answers by Attorney Tim Theisen As a contributor to Avvo Answers, Attorney Tim Theisen provides legal advice relating to his practice areas of consumer bankruptcy & debt, and family law. Read Tim’s answers to questions from users on Get my answers to legal questions at   VIEW FULL POST


I am facing foreclosure. What should I do?

When a person is facing foreclosure, most of the time they have already tried to modify their loan, and were turned down. But if you have not done that, you should try — I can virtually assure you that it will be a long and cumbersome and frustrating process, and in my experience most people …   VIEW FULL POST

Bankrupt vs Counseling

Bankruptcy vs credit counseling

Debt Management and Payments The airwaves are filled with ads touting debt settlement or debt negotiation, implying that is a better solution than bankruptcy. A credit counseling plan, also called debt consolidation, or debt management plan, typically work by a nonprofit agency (which is often funded by the credit card companies) getting your credit cards … VIEW FULL POST

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bankruptcy attorney minneapolis mn

File Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense, Lien Stripping, Civil Litigation, Divorce & Child Support, Get a legal consultation, Call Theisen Law at 763-421-0965

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“There are no problems, only solutions”

John Lennon said that, but it bears repeating — we are about focusing on getting you through your issues, rather than compounding or dwelling upon what got you here. Read More

Attorney Tim Theisen’s Practice and Services

My practice is solely limited to consumer bankruptcy and family law. By concentrating my areas of practice, I have developed the experience and expertise necessary to guide you through this difficult process and the efficiency to handle your case with minimal cost and as quickly as possible.

The Golden Rule

I try to live my life, and conduct my affairs as an attorney, treating people the way I would want to be treated, the way I would want my friends or relatives to be treated, with respect, patience and dignity.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small. Just Right!

One of the things that sets my practice apart from others is that you will get “hands-on” assistance from me.

Some of our most recent client testimonials…

We are so happy with the service we’ve received from Tim and Amy. He helped us avoid a Sheriff’s sale and bought us a LOT of extra time in our home before having to move on. He knows the system well and is very good at explaining different options or procedures. While filing bankruptcy is never someone’s goal, we have found that we always feel better about things after meeting with Tim. If we have friends in need of similar service, we will surely send them his way!

T.P. 3.2017

Many thanks to Tim and Amy for all their hard work on my behalf. They were most helpful and attentive to all my needs. No matter how many calls I made(which were very numerous) she was always kind and very helpful. So thank you Tim and Amy for making a difficult and stressful time in my life and just being there for me much easier. God bless you both.


I can’t thank you enough for your expertise in guiding my wife and I through this tough time. We came to you with really no options and you guided us through every step of the way both confidently and professionally. Keep up what you are doing and if anyone needs your help, I will not hesitate to send them your way! Thanks again!


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bankruptcy attorney minneapolis mn
bankruptcy attorney minneapolis mn