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I am facing foreclosure. What should I do?

When a person is facing foreclosure, most of the time they have already tried to modify their loan and were turned down. But if you have not done that, you should try — I can virtually assure you that it will be a long and cumbersome and frustrating process, and in my experience most people […]

The New Lawyer Experience MN CLE

January 29-30, 2015 Join us at the 2015 New Lawyer Experience featuring 25 sessions that teach you how to really practice law. Get practical advice from experienced lawyers in your field. Attend a free lunchtime session and register to win great prizes! At this intensive and fun 2-day event, you’ll receive expert, real-world advice from […]

Coaching Lawyers for Professional Success

June 26, 2014 Minnesota CLE Webcast In this presentation, two experienced attorney coaches, as well as individual and organizational clients, will describe the professional coaching process, when coaching has been used for success in law firms and companies, and how best to use to the process to enhance your own professional development and success as […]

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Bankruptcy vs Credit Counseling

Debt Management and Payments The airwaves are filled with ads touting debt settlement or debt negotiation, implying that is a better solution than bankruptcy. A credit counseling plan, also called debt consolidation, or debt management plan, typically work by a nonprofit agency (which is often funded by the credit card companies) getting your credit cards […]

Personal Injury Action While Contemplating Bankruptcy

A discussion of the issues that arise when your client is either about to file a personal injury action, has filed a personal injury action, or recently settled a personal injury action and is contemplating bankruptcy. The discussion will include a choice of exemption issues, timing issues, who controls pending litigation and the retention of a […]

Attorney Leadership Conference

The 2014 Attorney Leadership Conference provides an opportunity to learn helpful networking techniques that actually work while earning 3.0 CLE credits (2 are ethics). Identify the best ways to connect with potential clients and referral sources, maximize your networking opportunities, create more visibility for your practice, and learn how to better spend on your marketing […]

Do I have to file on all my debts?

Yes, even if you plan on keeping the asset (such as a home mortgage or car loan), even if you know they won’t get discharged (such as taxes, student loans or child support) and even if it’s a credit card you wanted to keep. They and your other creditors are entitled to notice of your bankruptcy. […]

What are my options on my second mortgage?

I will start out with a very simple premise for my Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 clients, which I call the 10-word rule: If you want to keep your house, make the payments. (Same rule applies for cars). The 10-word rule covers 95% of what you need to know. The other 5% is where it […]

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Divorce or bankruptcy. What should I do first?

A common question indeed, although there is not a one-size-fits-all answer. I have lectured on this topic several times among my colleagues. As a general rule, if there are joint debts, a spirit of cooperation and a joint goal in getting those debts wiped out, it often makes the most sense to file the bankruptcy […]